Tuesday, February 21, 2006

Connected sales

Cross promoting your sales and reselling
(selling more to the same person) are the key to successful eBay™ selling.

Your customer buys one item from you and then sees another in your list that he fancies,and then another,with a discount on shipping for bulk etc...

  • 1 st item £4.99
  • 2nd item (a bit bolder,he liked the first item,and it came quickly) £14.99
  • 3rd (now hes hooked,and buys all his eBay™ stuff from you.) £199.99

This is how selling to the same customer works over time.

The best way to arrange this is to have a themed, related range of products so that existing customers come back again and again.

If you sell modelling paints,also sell,paint brushes,glue.model kits,airbrushes,batteries.etc...

Find a range where there are lots of links to other hobbies and pastimes,or similar pursuits.

How not to go about it if you want repeat business is selling:

  1. a computer part
  2. an old book
  3. some mechanical parts
  4. a new dress
  5. an ebook
  6. your old television
  7. anything lying around the house thats unrelated to your other stuff.

This way lies one off sales with no repeats, the lady who bought your old book does not want your wifes Donna Karen dress, or your computer memory.

The guy who bought the motorbike parts likes motorbikes(obvious huh!) and when he bookmarks your list page or eBay™ shop ,he wants to see more of them next time he takes a look.