Thursday, February 16, 2006

Five Minutes to Start a Lifetime to Complete

Five Minutes to Start a Lifetime to Complete,
As usual I have all my best ideas at about 1 am ,and so here I am starting a blog about my experiences as an Powerseller,and the growing pains I am having, trying to make a success of it,converting it into a "proper" business strategy that can work for me.

It occurred to me that there may be many Ebay Sellers and Powersellers in the same postion, working longer hours than before they gave up their nice safe "jobs" to go it alone in the technology jungle,where Darwinian principles "survival of the fittest", "sink or swim", "dog eat dog" "eat or be eaten"(there's a milliom of 'em) mean you work harder than you ever have done with a possible shining future "This time next year we'll be millionaires, Rodney..." still shining at you in the future ,but not yet here.

Sellers of all persuasions,from newbies selling off they're junk to ebay hardened veterans could gain from hearing about my experiences and maybe avoid some of the pitfalls I have encountered so here goes and I hope you'll enoy the articles.

The U.K. Ebay is slightly different to the U.S. version but princlples apply to both the same so I hope anyone reading will benefit from this.
If I find anything helpful or handy to the budding Ebay Entrepeneur then I will include it and see if it helps.

If nothing else It'll helps me arrange my thoughts ( chaotic though they may be!) into a workable system so I don't forget what I'm on about.

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