Friday, February 17, 2006

Powerseller Start up

Powerseller Start up.
Most people start selling on ebay to get rid of the items around the home they no longer want but still have value,if not to them, then to someone else.
This is not how you are best being a powerseller.You will need to be a lot more organized than that to make an actual living from selling.
First decide whether or not you will be specializing in one particular area or just being a general trader buying and selling what you come across.Being a general trader means a lot more looking for items to sell.
I my opinion that is more work than you need to be doing at first.Pick a specialty and stick to it fairly closely at first.electronics,jewelry,fabrics,model making,books,music, it does not matter what ebay has lots of categories and they all have they're devotees, so choose something you know about or are interested in getting to know about.
Don't just pick a category at random, because you may end up bored to tears and you won't put the effort needed in.
You may already have a category in mind.If so all well and good, now comes decision time , your not going to decide ebay does that for you if you follow these rules.
  1. Run a search for various items in your category
  2. Make sure there are plenty of sales in ther category
  3. Note down what particular items are costing people to buy on ebay
  4. Now run a search on google or a local search engine for suppliers ( I'll cover finding suppliers another time, as this is a bit long winded for now)
  5. If your not able to buy the items that are selling for half (at most, preferably a lot less) what people are selling them for the decision has been made for you, you will not succeed as a seller in that category.
  6. Move on to the next category you were thinking of.(This is not a joke - if you can't compete and make a decent mark up there is no point selling in this category)
  7. Be ruthless in this assesment

Number 5 is the key to this(you thought I'd say Number 4 ,let me tell you that's the easy one!)

What matters is what you buy the items you sell for....I currently sell a certain tool line for £3.50 -£4.50 on ebay ,not much I think you'll agree I only sell maybe 3 or 4 a day.But they cost me 50p each ,(£9-£16 profit a day on this line alone x28 days is £250-450 a month), and no, I'm not going to tell you what.There are bargains out there to be had in all the wholesaler's and warehouses and suppliers.The secret is only buying items that have a good mark up already built in to the price by other ebay users, or if you're seeing a gizmo that is new to ebay, knowing that it will sell well at a given price, this takes time to get a feel for.I would advise anyone new to selling to choose items that are already selling well.

more later,

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